Flower Exhibits

Annuals (Cut)

101Asters (3)
102Bachelor Buttons (3-5)
103Calendula (1-3)
104Cosmos Small under 2″ (3)
105Cosmos Large over 2″ (3)
106Celosia (3-5) Large head over 3″ 
107Impatiens (5)
108Marigold (1) Large bloom diameter 3″ and over
109Marigold (3) Medium blooms diameter 2″-3″
110Marigold (3) Small blooms diameter less than 2″
111Collections (3-5)
112Pansies (5)
113Petunias (3) Single
114Petunias (3) Double
115Snapdragons (1) Large Spike 5″ and over
116Snapdragons (3) Small Spike under 5″
117Sunflower (1) Large 5″ and over
118Sunflower (3) Small under 5″
119Zinnias Large (1-3) over 3″
120Zinnias (3) Medium 1½” – 3″
121Zinnias (3-5) Small less than 1 ½”
122Any other varieties Large (1) 3″ and up
123Any other varieties Medium (3) 1½” – 3″
124Any other varieties Small (5) under 1 ½”
125Violas (5) 3″-5″
126Verbena (3)
127Annual Foliage any type (3)
128Fresh cut dried Flower (1) Large over 4″, Annual or Perennial
129Fresh cut dried Flowers (3) Under 4″, Annual or Perennial
130Unusual / Deformed Annual
1. Each type will be grouped by color and number of flowers with stems before judging.
2. Same color MUST be in the vase, unless collection.


200Miniature - Florets under 2½", stem length 17"
210Small - Florets 2½"to under 3½", stem length 17"
220Medium - Florets 3½" to under 4 ½", stem length 20"
230Large - Florets 4½" to 5½", stem length 20"


301Cluster Flower (1) Large over 3″ (ie. Tall Phlox, Lilies, Allium, Sedum)
302Small Cluster (3-5) under 3″
303Spikes (3) Large over 12″  (ie. Red Hot Poker, Veronica, Salvia)
304Spikes (5) Small under 12″  (ie. Bellflowers)
305Any other large perennial (1-3) over 3″ (ie. Black-eyed Susan)
306Any other medium perennial (3) 1½” to 3″ (ie. Balloon Flower)
307Any other small perennial (3) under 1½” (ie. Coreopsis)
308Foliage (3) over 6″
309Foliage (5) 6″ and under
310Flowering Woody Plants (Cluster or Spike)
A. Large Florets over 3″ (1-3)
B. Medium Florets 1½” to 3″ (3)
C. Small Florets under 1 ½” (3-5)
D. Unusual / Deformed Perennial / Shrub / Flower (1-3)
All specimens must have correct common name to receive a ribbon.


331Cut Flowers - (1 - 3) Large over 3"
332Cut Flowers - (3) Medium 1½" to 3"
333Cut Flowers - (5) Small under1 ½"
334Potted 4" container
335Potted 6" container
336Potted 8" container
Crocus, Caladiums, Lily, Dutch Iris, Liatris, Calla, Lilies, Oxalis, Tulip, etc
All specimens must have common name and identified varieties. Pots must be 8″ or less, classed by pot size 4, 6, or 8″


341Cut Flowers – (1 – 3) Large over 3″
342Cut Flowers – (3) Medium 1½” to 3″
343Cut Flowers – (5) Small under 1 ½”
344Potted 4″ container
345Potted 6″ container
346Potted 8″ container
Canna Lilies, Begonias, Iris, Day Lily, Mums, etc
All specimens must have common name and identified varieties.
Pots must be 8″ or less, classed by pot size 4, 6, or 8″


351Cut Flowers - (1-3) Large over 3"
352Cut Flowers - (3) Medium 1½" to 3"
353Cut Flowers - (5) Small under 1 ½"
354Potted 4" container
355Potted 6" container
356Potted 8" container
Butterfly Weed, Tall Carpatica, Blue Bells, Chinese Lantern, Strawberry, Ajuga, etc
All specimens must have common name and identified varieties.
Pots must be 8″ or less, classed by pot size 4, 6, or 8″


401Hybrid Tea - 6-10" stem & flowers (1-3)
402Grandiflora - 6-10" long stems (1-3)
403Floribunda - 6-10" long stems & clusters (1-3)
404Miniatures - 3-6" long branches with flower clusters (1-3)
405Climbing - 6-10" stem & flowers (1-3)
406Other Roses
Type and variety MUST be listed to receive ribbon.

Flowering Houseplants

501African Violet
503Citrus Plant (must have fruit)
504Orchid (must list species)
505Any other plant grown for bloom 6" pot or smaller
506Any other plant grown for bloom 7" pot or larger
507Hanging Plant grown for bloom 6" pot or smaller
508Hanging Plant grown for bloom 7" pot or larger
509Potted annuals in decorative container of exhibitor's choice.
510Vine Type Plants (Morning Glory, etc)
All plants in this category must be in bloom to be judged on own merit.

Foliage Houseplants

551Plant grown for foliage 8" pot or less.
552Plant grown for foliage 10" pot and over.
553Hanging plant grown for foliage 8" pot or smaller.
554Hanging plant grown for foliage 10" pot or larger.
555Fern - non-garden variety.
556Cacti and Succulents
557Collection of Cactus or Succulents in a single container
558Any 6" potted herb. Must be in a 6" pot and labeled properly by name
559Any flowering plant that is not in bloom in 6" pot
560Any Topiary - container 12" or less

Tiny Garden

570A Tiny Garden in a Pot - Pot under 18"


621Best Collection of Annuals - 5 or more blooms in exhibitor's container.
622Best Collection of Perennials - 5 or more blooms in exhibitor's container.
A list of flower names must accompany the collection on a 3X5 card.


Floral Art

  1. The Smith Award for Best of Show Rosette will be awarded in Floral Art based on merit, not ribbons earned.
  2. Design must be in a waterproof container as watering must be done to keep plant material alive. Please consider this when making arrangements. Exhibitors may show more than 1 entry per category.
  3. All arrangements will be judged on use of garden grown flowers and plant materials only. Props & foam should not show.
  4. Index cards must accompany entry with theme and list of flowers used.
  5. Cash prizes and ribbons will be awarded as follows in the Floral Art division: 1st $15.00, 2nd $10.00, 3rd $5.00

Floral Art Themes:
#1 – 630 ‘Full Bloom’
To inspire good health, positive well being and a passion for life, with gorgeous colors and exquisite floral design.. Designers choice. List theme and materials on a 3×5 card.
#2 – 640 “RI Coast and Beaches”
Made up with small things you find on the beach, along with bright colored flowers, to arrange a beautiful bouquet.. Designers choice. List theme and materials on a 3×5 card.

Holiday Bouquet

  1. Whole arrangement made up of dried flower and dried materials only.
  2. Props and foam shouldn’t show.
  3. A list of flowers should accompany entry on a index card.
  4. Cash prize and ribbon will be awarded as follows:
    1st $15.00, 2nd $10.00, 3rd $5.00

Dahlia Show

In cooperation with RI Dahlia Society
Barton Buffington, Show Chair
Email: abarton295@aol.com
Phone: 401-789-2994
Please contact Show Chairperson for information.


Rules & Regulations

  1. All entries for Annuals, Perennials, House Plants and Floral Art A, must be in show by 9:00 PM the Monday of Fair week. Cut flowers in poor condition will be removed after 9:00 PM on Friday by staff. All exhibits may be removed after 8:00 PM Sunday (last day of Fair).
  2. All entries for Dahlia Specialty Show and Floral Art B must be in the show by 11:00 AM Saturday during Fair. Judging will start immediately thereafter. The building will be open at 7:00 AM to accommodate exhibitors. All exhibits may be removed after 8:00 PM Sunday. None before! Exhibits not claimed by 9:00 PM will be disposed of.
  3. The Fair Committee will not be responsible for plants, flowers or containers in Show. Diseased or insect infested plants and flowers will be disqualified and removed from exhibition.
  4. All exhibitors must fill out entry cards giving name, complete address and zip code or any premiums awarded will be forfeited. Maximum 50 entries. If cards are needed in advance please call. Building committee will not be responsible for ribbons not picked up by Sunday closing.
  5. Exhibits must be placed in correct color or type category, ask chairperson if unsure.
  6. All containers will be furnished by the show committee except where stated otherwise and in the Floral Art divisions. Floral Art specimens may be exhibited in the owner’s bud vase.
  7. All materials in Floral Art must be suitable for 4 days
  8. Named varieties of flowers or plants should be written on tags, especially Roses. (Ex.: Zinnia var. Thumbelina, or 210341 Dwarf Canna Lily var. Lucifer). Tagging plants when grown is important, call Chairperson for suggestions.
  9. 211 – Junior Class–All entries must be 12 years of age or younger. A greendot will be placed on all entry tags showing Junior exhibitors. All rules apply as in open show division.
  10. All categories will be judged on the Danish Method. Each will be judged on its own merit and awarded accordingly. Judges’ decisions are final. Classes judged with 3 or more entries.
  11. Cash prizes and ribbons will be awarded in each class.
    First place – $5.00; Second Place – $3.00; Third Place – $2.00.
  12. Dahlia Classes will be covered by RI and American Dahlia Society rules.
  13. All specimen classes must be grown by Exhibitors.
  14. Grand Champion$ 50.00 and Reserve Champion $25.00 rosettes will
    be awarded.


Joanne Jordan 401-364-9410
Kris Bell 401-316-0877