Junior Vegetable Exhibits

261701Tomato (3, any color)
261702Pepper (3, any color)
261703Summer Squash (3, any color)
261704Snap Beans (10, any color)
261705Beets (3, any color)
261706Potatoes (3, any color)
261707Cucumbers (3, any color)
261708Sweet Corn (3, any color)
261709All other vegetables (3 to a plate or 1 bunch)

Rules & Regulations

  1. Exhibitors must be 12 and under years of age.
  2. All previous vegetable entry rules apply as in regular division.
  3. Best of Show Vegetable will be awarded.
  4. A cash award will be given for 1st,$5.00 2nd,$3.00 and 3rd,$2.00