Rules & Regulations

  1. All entries in this section MUST have a recipe or they will not be accepted.
  2. All entries should be on white paper plates when possible.
  3. All entries should be in a ziplock bag!
  4. ALL food entered in this category will be disposed of at the end of the fair. NO FOOD will be allowed to leave the premises.
103100 Pies (1/4 slice or 7 inch pie)
103121 Unfrosted Cake (1/2 cake)
103122 Frosted Cake (1/2 cake)
103123 Decorated (whole cake)
103124 Coffee Cakes (1/2 cake)
103131 Dark Breads (1/2 loaf)
103132 White Breads (1/2 loaf)
103133 Quick Breads (1/2 loaf)
103134 Frosted Cupcakes (4 per plate)
103135 Decorated Cupcakes (4 per plate)
103140 Rolls (4 per plate)
103150 Dropped or Rolled Cookies (6 per plate)
103160 Bar Cookies (4 per plate)
103170 Muffins (4 per plate)
103171 Scones & biscuits (4 per plate)
103180Bread Machine Bread (Bring the whole loaf to be judged)
103200 Canned Goods
103201 Fruit
103202 Jellies
103203 Jams
103204 Vegetables
103205 Pickles
103206 Relishes
103207 Honey or Maple Syrup
103208 Salsa
103300 Candy (6 pieces per plate)
Section 103200 (Canned Goods) type of process and recipes must be submitted and jars must be labeled as to contents and date.  Jars will be returned to the exhibitor if these rules are not followed. Also, please include the recipe and written process with your submission.

Judging from Section 103300 (Candy) will be on Appearance, Texture, Flavor.