VOTE For Fair Queen & Princess!



Our annual Royalty contest is a big tradition at the Washington County Fair, and we’re so excited to announce that we’re continuing it VIRTUALLY in 2020!  Our lovely contestants have already submitted applications and videos to the Fair judges – and now it’s your turn to VOTE! VOTING IS OPEN UNTIL SATURDAY AUGUST 1, 2020!

They are scored individually on a 1-10 scale on a combination of their contest applications, as well as pose, grooming, speaking ability, and personality from their videos, for a total of 50 points (the traditional scoring of the contest). Each girl in each category will receive ADDITIONAL POINTS from their online vote scores!
🥇 9 additional points for 1st
🥈 7 additional points for 2nd
🥉 5 additional points for 3rd

Please note, you can only vote one time per IP address.  Please be respectful of these voting guidelines.

Queen Contestants!

Abby Foster
Wakefield, RI (18)

2020 Graduate of Narragansett, Abby will be attending Louisiana State University in the fall, majoring in Pre-Vet Medicine and minoring in Animal Science.  She wants to become a large animal veterinarian, is a very active member of the 4-H and FFA, varsity softball for SK and Narragansett, and devoted to her dairy cows.

Jasmine Richard Hope Valley, RI (20)

Jasmine attends The Community College of RI and wants to work in the construction industry to become a licensed contractor.  She likes to read and listen to audio dramas, is an active member of the National Grange, Washington County Pomona Grange, volunteer at Wood River Baptist Church, and former high school cheerleader.

Samantha McCullough Exeter, RI (17)

Samantha is an EWG Senior and wants to be a high school level special education teacher.  She loves to act and sing, is the president of the local Best Buddies Chapter, a member of the National Honor Society, is in the Chamber Singers and Drama Club.

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Princess Contestants!

Amber Rose Moore
South Kingstown, RI (16)

Amber is a South Kingstown Junior and wants to become a music teacher.  She loves to listen to music and play her instruments, is a part of Drama Club, eSKape, and Testing Testing 1234 at the CTC Gear Productions.

Desiree Richard
Hope Valley, RI (16)

Desiree is a Chariho Junior and wants to be a teacher of early childhood education.  She loves arts and crafts, is an active member of National Grange, RI State Grange, Washington County Pomona Grange, Hope Valley Grange, Wood River Baptist Church volunteer, and CHS cheerleading.

Rebecca Kilday
West Greenwich, RI (15)

An EWG Sophomore, Rebecca wants to be an aeronautical engineer in the Air Force.  She loves to read, sing and act, has been the leader in Unified Theater for three years, and is a member of Best Buddies.  She is a former member of the Anything & Everything 4-H club, a participant of the Blueberry Patchers 4-H club, and practices martial arts.
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