4-H Dog Show

Ring #1

Superintendent: Shayna Sasseville
Email: monty62008@gmail.com

Steward: Sharon Chang
Email: syc17@aol.com


Rules & Regulations

  1. Dogs and owners should arrive by 7:30 am for State Vet check in and registration.
  2. The show starts promptly at 8:30am.
  3. The SRI 4-H Fair & Washington County Fair Dog Shows will be qualifiers for Eastern States!
  4. Dogs are not allowed on the fairgrounds except in the ring.
  5. Dogs must be under total control at all times!
  6. It is the member’s responsibility to enter the correct class. (Ages are as of 1/1)

Health Requirements

  1. Photocopy of current Rabies/vaccination records must be turned in with registration.
  2. Exhibitors must present a certificate signed by their veterinarian showing the dog has a current rabies vaccination. Vaccination must be at least 30 days before the show. Vaccinations are also recommended for distemper, parvo, corona, bordetella and leptospirosis. Certificate must include the producer and vaccine serial or lot numbers.
  3. Parent: The above exhibitor and parent assume all risk of damage or loss either of person, dog or property, from all and every cause whatsoever, including negligence, either on the part of the University of Rhode Island Extension, its officers, volunteers or employees and members against all suits. I further agree to indemnify URI Extension its officers and members against all suits and expenses arising out of any injury claims, demands by any person or damage to any property caused by my animal(s).
  4. Show Uniform: Recommended uniform will be as follows: a clean white dress shirt or blouse or white 4-H T-shirt (may have 4-H clover emblem on left breast), and green pants, culottes, skirt or jumper of appropriate length (no higher than half the knee cap). No bare midriffs are allowed. Any shade of green will be allowed. Members will be disqualified if they are wearing clothing advertising a kennel or breed. For safety reasons, delegates must wear non-skid, closed toe footwear. No jeans or shorts are allowed.

Class Descriptions
It is the member’s responsibility to enter the correct obedience class. (Ages are determined as of January 1, of current year, but not 19 as of January 1st)


  1. Cloverbud Ages 5,6,7 as of January 1
  2.  Novice- Any age first year showing.
  3. Junior Ages 8,9,10,11 as of January 1
  4. Intermediate Ages 12,13, 14 as of January 1
  5. Senior Ages 15,16,17,18 as of January 1


  1. Cloverbud: For youth age 5-7 who would like to try obedience.
  2. Sub-Novice A: For 1st time exhibitors who have not previously trained a dog. Dog and handler may only exhibit in this class for one year.
  3. Sub-Novice B: For 1st time exhibitors who have previously trained a dog in a beginner or more advanced levels of training, or have shown this dog at the sub-novice A level in previous years.
  4. Novice A: For Exhibitors that have not previously trained a dog at Novice or more Advanced levels of training. All the exercises, except for heel on leash and the figure eight, will be done off lead. Dog and Handler may only exhibit in this class for 1 year.
  5. Novice B: For Exhibitors that have not previously trained a dog at Novice or more Advanced levels of training. All the exercises, except for heel on leash and the figure eight, will be done off lead.

You and Your Dog

You and Your Dog is a program created to allow all 4-H members an opportunity to include their four legged k9 family member as their 4H project without the intensity of training and competing on the dog show level. It is for all members/dogs regardless of ability/disability. Once a member has shown in a 4-H dog show they are not eligible to enter into You and Your Dog.

The judging is done as an individual interview and runs parallel with the 4-H dog show at the WCF Fair. The areas to be evaluated are the Interview; Knowledge of dog’s care and welfare, 4-Her responds accurately to age appropriate questions taken from the dog knowledge resources which is found on the 4-H web site. Member’s appearance and attitude; appropriate dress, courtesy, poise and good sportsmanship.

Dog’s appearance and attitude; presents evidence of good health (consider age) and good grooming attention given to eyes, ears, coat, teeth, and toenails. Demonstrates good manners and allows examination without resistance. Creative achievement of member and dog; This is an opportunity to demonstrate special tricks that make your dog unique. Demonstration should not be longer than 3 minutes.

You and Your Dog participants must follow the same rules and guidelines concerning inoculations and safety set by the RI 4-H dog committee and WCF fair committee. This program is meant to be fun and a place where 4-H members can include their dogs in a 4-H activity and gain some recognition for the care that they are given on a daily basis.