4-H Farm School

4-H Farm School is a non-competitive program at Washington County Fair which gives youth the opportunity to educate and entertain the public by showcasing their 4-H animal projects. Farm school participants will talk with the general public, especially small children and families about their animal projects with live animals present. Youth will talk about their animal’s unique needs and characteristics, including things like; basic grooming, training or showing, breeds, daily care, parts of the body, stages of growth, life cycles, etc. Presentations should be lively and fun. This presentation is more like teaching a class of students than giving a speech, in that you will have some facts and information prepared to share but the audience interest will guide where the presentation goes. Which makes it extemporaneous and informal, more like a conversation.
No need to get stressed-out! It’s just you, your friends and your animal buddies talking to people who want to learn about animals. No judges.

Presentation Schedule:
Wed: 4pm to 5pm
Thurs: 4pm to 5pm
Fri: 11am to 12pm

Guidelines and Rules

  • All participants must be enrolled in 4-H.
  • All state Animal Health Regulations apply for this program. Animals must be inspected by the appropriate official and have current and correct health certification to be unloaded and allowed on the fairgrounds. If your animal is coming to the fair for this program only, plan to provide your own containment for your animal while it is at the fair. Trailers will have to leave the livestock parking area as soon as 4-H Farm School is finished.
  • Youth are encouraged to present in teams of 2 to 4 members, so one team member can be speaking while the others are handling the animals. Team members should plan to take turns speaking.

Entries due by August 1st. Please email the following info to kstone@uri.edu

  • Names and ages of presenters
  • Animal species and topic
  • 1st and 2nd choice of presentation days
  • T-shirt size
  • Contact phone #’s

Early registration is suggested. Participants will receive confirmation of date of presentation.

Exhibitors must be on the grounds, checked-in and ready to present one hour before the assigned presentation time.

Exhibitors must be clean and dressed appropriately – no torn jeans, short shorts, cutoffs, or spaghetti straps. Excessive jewelry should not be worn. Show clothes recommended.

Speakers should be enthusiastic about their animal and speaking with the audience. Speakers will be required to use a microphone. A microphone and PA system will be provided. No power point or slide presentations will be allowed.

Registered Presenters will receive a 4-H tee-shirt and $5 after completing their Farm School presentation. Participation in Farm School can count towards Public Speaking and Community Service in Record Books and Big-E Applications.

Examples of things to talk about with the audience:
• Facts about your animal such as name, age, sex, breed, how long you have had it, how long you will keep it.
• Breeds or colors of your animal’s species
• How to judge your animal for show
• How to care for your animal at home
• Explain how to show your animal in showmanship and fitting classes
• How do you train your animal species? Does your animal have a special talent?

How do I make my Presentation interactive?
• Start with a joke, skit or personal story
• Ask the audience questions
• Allow the audience to decide what you are going to talk about next.

Need help coming up with ideas or want to practice before the fair? Contact Kristy for assistance.


Kristy Horan
Telephone: 401-874-2959
Email: kstone@uri.edu