4-H Goat Show

Saturday at 9:30am
Show Barn

4-H goats will arrive on Friday 12pm. All 4-H goats will remain on the fairgrounds until 6pm on Sunday. The show will start promptly at 9:30 am with Senior Showmanship, Junior Showmanship, Intermediate Showmanship & Freshman Showmanship followed by Fitting Classes then Conformation classes.

All animals being shown must be owned by the youth or being raised under a management agreement properly filed in the Extension office prior to June 1. Show is open to all enrolled RI 4-H’ers.

If any Rhode Island 4-Her wishes to attend the Eastern States Exposition Dairy Goat Show, it is necessary that he or she participate and be judged two RI 4-H Dairy Goat Shows.

All animals must have a current year health certificate and have permanent identification number either by tattoo or ear tag and will be checked before unloading. Any animal found to have a serious health problem will not be allowed to unload. The show committee reserves the right to reject any animal for health reasons if advisable. The dam’s health papers may be used if a kid is under 6 months of age.

No horned animals … No bucks. Wethers are accepted in showmanship classes only, without horns.

The original certificate of registration is required for all animals 6 months of age or older. The original certificate of registration or a stamped copy is required for all animals under 6 months of age.

There will also be classes for unregistered animals. *Please enter them as Grade*

No more than 2 animals owned by the exhibitor in the same class.

All 4-H entrants will be responsible for a 1 hour shift to work with their animals and talk to the public in a sectioned area of the goat barn. A sign up sheet will be available at registration.

All goat milk will be disposed of in the proper bulk tank near the dairy cow milk area. Do not dump milk down the drains.

Pens will be assigned. Space will be tight and tack may need to be in a separate area. Please include on entry form how man single or double pens are required are required and the quantity.

Everyone must clean their own stall and area before leaving on Sunday. No exceptions.

After unloading all trailers need to be parked in the designated area of the parking lot.

There will be no entry fee. Premiums will be paid as follows:
Classes: 1st – $10.00; 2nd – $7.00; 3rd – $6.00; 4th – $3.00
Showmanship: 1st – $20.00; 2nd – $15.00; 3rd – $10.00; 4th – $5.00

No premiums for fitting classes.

Entries must be in the hands of the Show Secretary by August 1. NOTE: Goats may not enter the Goat Barn before 12pm on Friday. Please use the 4-H Livestock Form and note on it whether it is Dry, Milking and a Doe or Wether.

Exhibitors are encouraged to decorate their stalls and each exhibitor will be judged on Herdsmanship according to their ADGA Score Sheet. This will be judged at random times throughout the entire time of the fair.

All exhibitors and families should exhibit good sportsmanship at all times. We want everybody to have a good time!

Fitting and Showmanship

A. Senior (16-19 years old)
B. Intermediate (13-15 years old)
C. Junior (10- 12 years old)
D. Freshman (8-9 years old)

There will be 5 breed classes: Recorded grade, AOB, and Grade. The other two classes will be determined by the breeds with the most entries.

Please include the following information so we can properly assign classes:

  • Date of birth.
  • Whether animal is registered as purebred, recorded grade or not registered.
  • Whether animal is currently milking.
  • Whether animal is a doe.


Megan Hawkins
189 John Potter Rd West Greenwich RI 02817
Telephone: 401-241-4022
Email: meganhawkins318@yahoo.com
Assistant Chairman: Lisa Dallast