Rabbit Division


Rules & Regulations

  1. All entries must be mailed directly to the superintendent. πŸ‘† RABBIT ENTRY FORM
  2. All animals must be in good health and free from disease.
  3. All entries must be received by August 1. No late entries accepted. Limit 10 rabbits per exhibitor.
  4. All entries must state – Open or Youth (youth ages 5-18 years old), breed of animal (or pet class), variety (or color) and class (Sr. Buck or Doe, Jr. Buck or Doe). If you have any questions, please call the superintendent.
  5. There will be classes for mixed breed, pet stock as well as purebred.
  6. Entry fee is $.75 each in Open Show, $.25 each for the youth show. Entry fees must be received with the entry or they will not be accepted. Make checks payable to: Washington County Fair.
  7. Exhibitors may enter only one show; please state Open Show or Youth Show.
  8. All animals must be brought to the Fair on Tuesday between 5pm and 9pm. Animals will be release at 6:30pm on Sunday. Exhibitors must be there at this time.
  9. A pass will be given to each exhibitor entering three or more animals only, see Superintendent.
  10. Animals will be cared for by experienced volunteers. All animals exhibited will be at the sole risk of the owner.
  11. For Sale spaces will be limited, for youth exhibitors only, see Superintendent.
  12. Out-of-state animals will be accepted on space availability basis.
  13. No changing or substitution at coop-in.


Superintendent: Shelley Fitzgerald
Address: 373 Fry Pond Road, West Greenwich, RI 02817
Email: shelleyfitz7@yahoo.com
Assistant Superintendents: Mike & Bri Fitzgerald and Glenn Pierce


Open Rabbit Show


  1. Cages and feed are provided.
  2. Judging will be on Wednesday. Exhibitors do not have to be present for judging.
  3. Judging of purebreds will be by the ABRA Standard of Perfection. There will also be classes for mixed bred pet stock. (Please state male or female, Sr. or Jr. and color).
  4. $.75 each entry fee.

Class Description
For purebreds will be: Sr. Buck, Sr. Doe, Jr. Buck, Jr. Doe. Please state class on Entry.
Classes will be judged by breed. Pet classes will be grouped accordingly.

1st-$5.00; 2nd-$4.00; 3rd-$3.00
Prize for Show Champion
Rosette for Reserve Show Champion
Rosettes: Best and Reserve Champion Pet Class
Ribbons given for First, Second and Third place.

Other Rabbit Shows

Open to all Youth 5-18 years of age as of January 1st of year of fair.

1. $.25 each entry fee.
2. Judging by the Danish system.
3. Same awards as the Open Show.

Rabbit Showmanship

Times will be posted on Tuesday. Please sign up on Tuesday if interested at the barn at coop in.


-Freshman (age 5-9)
-Junior (age 10-11)
-Intermediate (age 12-14)
-Senior (age 15-18)

Showmanship Rosette for First, Second, Third and Fourth in each class. Participant ribbons for all who compete. Prize for Grand Champion Showman, Rosette for Reserve Champion Showman

Bunny Race

Time: Friday at 10:00am
Venue: Show Barn

  1. Sign up at coop-in at barn on Tuesday.
  2. Team of 2 youth – ages 5-18 years.
  3. Entries on a first come, first serve basis due to limited time and space.
  4. All animals must be in good health or will not be accepted.
  5. Must be able to handle and control rabbit.
  6. No touching the rabbit at any time when racing begins.

Male & Female rabbits. Rosette for 1st and 2nd place. Ribbons awarded at end of race.