Fair Committee

Please send all inquiries for the Washington County Fair Committee to thewashingtoncountyfair@gmail.com. During the offseason, please allow up to four business days for a response.

Committee Officers

Chairman Pete Fish
Vice Chairman, Food Concessions Vendors, Military Appreciation Day, Website Kate Fish
Vice Chairman, Livestock Liaison, Maintenance Sean McGrory
Vice Chairman, Grounds, Maintenance, and Pit Crew


Steve Graham

Cindy Adams

Treasurer & Ticketing Patty Cottrell
Committee Members 
Security Officer, EMA & Police Liaison Ray Miller
Grounds, Pit Crew Joe Harvey
Kids Games Chair & Special Events Coordinator Ashley Sears
Construction, Maintenance

Grounds and Pit Crew Chairman

Onsite Parking, Construction, Maintenance, Grounds

Safety Office, Fire Liaison, Parking, Grounds

Construction, Maintenance, Off Site Parking

Team Orange Chair

Entertainment Chair, Advertising, Website

Refrigeration Specialist, Off Site Ticket Sales

Pomona Kitchen Chair

Motor Sports Chair, Back Gate, Assistant Secretary

Commercial Vendor Concession Chair


Pomona Master


Committee Members Emeritus





Committee Members Chairman Emeritus


Tom Gotauco

Rick Gardner

Billy Rathbun

Greg Rathbun

Ivan Cindrinch

Nicole Ohneck

Mike Camacho

Steve Logan Jr.

Steve Logan Sr.

Darlene Gardner

Roxanne Nelson



Howard Paster


David Mashl

Marion Arnold

Gilly Gardiner

Claire Logan


John J. Cottrell